Crown lengthening

A tooth that is broken or decayed below the gum is difficult if not impossible for your dentist to restore correctly, making the access and visualization of the area compromised.A crown lengthening is required


Need to know!

For the gum to heal against the tooth in a healthy manner there must be3 millimetersof healthy tooth between the margin of a filling or cap and the crest of the bone which supports the tooth. This allows space for proper attachment of the gum to the tooth and will not compromise the health of the gum.

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The surgery

It is a minor surgery and is required to reduce the height of the gum and bone to expose the cavity or the fracture and increase the coronal part of the tooth. After treatment, the fracture or decayed area is uncovered and accessible to the dentist for restoration. The space needed has been established between the supporting tissues and the final position of the restoration.

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N.B. The crown lengthening is possible only if the root of the tooth is long enough and if there is adequate bone level, thus not compromising the support of the tooth.