Ridge preservation

Dental extractions are performed for a wide variety of reasons, including advanced periodontal disease, tooth fracture or abscesses. This is often resulting in bone loss where the tooth used to be and depression in the remaining ridge of bone.

This problem can be avoided with a ridge preservation procedure which helps to prevent the bone loss following tooth extraction and will increase the options to replace the missing tooth.

N.B. However, if no bone preservation technique has been carried out during the extraction, it is still possible to reconstruct the bone. It is, therefore, never too late to consider replacing a missing tooth or teeth!


Materials are used to encourage your own bone to grow in the area. Membrane barriers are utilized to prevent the gum tissue from growing in the area of bone loss.

preservation osseuse  3


In which cases is ridge preservation advisable after tooth extraction?

  • Thin buccal osteon;
  • Periodontal bone loss;
  • Endodontic lesions;
  • One or many fractured tooth.

The best solution!

Regenerating bone lost at the time of extraction provides some advantages:

  • Regenerated bone allows placement of an implant to replace the missing tooth or teeth;
  • Improving aesthetics and keeping function.

Therefore before any extraction, we must decide what course of action should be taken to maintain an adequate bone level when it comes time to replace the missing tooth.