Surgical exposure

For some patients, heredity dictates that there would be insufficient space in the mouth for all teeth. Some of these teeth are « locked in » under the gums, commonly known as: impacted teeth. The teeth that will most commonly fail to erupt normally, after the wisdom teeth, are the canines and the premolars. They are very important teeth in the masticator function and also for aesthetic. Furthermore, an impacted tooth may displace or damage adjacent teeth.

To allow the growth of those teeth in the right place, it is important to expose it surgically by using a traction device.

Simple procedure

The treatment is usually done in conjunction with the orthodontist. It is a minor surgical procedure performed under local anaesthesia.

The exposure of the tooth involves the removal of gum tissue and bone overlying the tooth. This will result in the crown of the tooth being exposed an orthodontic bracket is bond to the tooth. The chain is then attached to the orthodontic wire.